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Are you looking for an IT solution from friendly down to earth people? We are a family run company who have the expertise to help you. Whether you're a home user, business or school we can help.

We offer a wide range of services from setting up laptops to server support, from software installation to bespoke programming, from home user training to on-site support, from internet guidance to website design. We have experience in both public and private sectors.

We care and we speak your language. We are not salespeople, we will not blind you with tech talk. We will speak to you honestly and fairly.

Worried your job is too small? Don′t fear, we understand not everyone is computer literate. We all have to start somewhere and we want to help.

Give us a call. We are small but reliable, a low-cost alternative to the “big boys” in the industry. We can offer a professional, personal service at a competitive price.

See our about us or services pages for more information.

Call Darren/Sharon today on 07449 461626 or 07851 782175

or email us at mail@prestonit.co.uk

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